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Our Approach

​For far too long people have been moving and exercising incorrectly. At the APEX Centre, we aim to put an end to this. Our staff strongly believes that performing proper movement patterns, addressing strength imbalances, and promoting full joint mobility, can reduce the factors that lead to injury, demotivation and strength plateaus.

At the Apex Centre we emphasize holistic therapy, including individual private assessment offices coupled with a spacious treatment and exercise rehabilitation area and all the necessary modalities to compliment individual treatment plans plus professionals with extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning who are also experienced with sports-related injuries.

Whether you're an elite athlete or have been injured in a car accident, we can design an individual program that meets your needs.

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Advanced Treatment Modalities

Here at the Apex Centre we take great pride in keeping up to date with the latest advances in treatment modalities.

After assessing you our highly trained team of professional specialists will design and execute a treatment plan specifically for you.

Current modalities include physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, chiropractic care, athletic therapy, functional movement systems, ImPACT concussion testing, cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy, muscle stimulation, acupuncture, ultrasound, thermotherapy

Functional Movement Systems

Functional Movement Systems is a cutting-edge science-based approach to exercise utilizing the latest understanding of human biomechanics.

FMS is a system that assigns grades to movement patterns associated with normal body function, both in athletics and normal activities. Examining these patterns reveals functional issues and results in a Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used by specially trained professionals to develop specific exercises designed to correct imbalance, restore function and build strength. Think of FMS as a scientific approach to designing your tailored program.

At the Apex Centre, we encourage all patients to undergo a functional movement (FMS) screen as part of their overall treatment plan.

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Concussion Testing

Our knowledge about concussions and concussion testing has increased in recent years as daily headlines make us more aware of the fragile nature of the brain. Football players, in particular, have been in the news for voluntarily shortening their careers out of concern for their long-term brain health.

A concussion is actually a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), caused by a direct or an indirect blow to the head, which disturbs the brain and temporarily disrupts neurological functions.

While many of us associate danger from concussions with violent contact sports like football and hockey, our understanding is slowly changing to reflect the fact that concussions are also an issue in lighter contact sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball.

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Our Customers Say

  • "The Apex  Centre is an excellent facility for both training and therapy.  I have been a member of the Apex community for the past year and have enjoyed my experience thoroughly. From the intimacy of the training area, to the 1-on-1 attention  with the staff - Apex is an ideal setting to strengthen your mind and body.  The accessible and convenient location appeals to commuters from all over Hamilton.  I would highly recommend anyone to join the Apex community."

    Micayla Drysdale 

  • "The team at The Apex Centre have been absolutely outstanding. They are a respectful, caring, and friendly staff. Each member is flexible and accommodating to their clients. I would recommend Apex to anyone and everyone that asks."


  • "APEX saved my summer! Having sustained a severe ankle injury with multiple sprained ligaments it looked like i would be out of commission for the start of the summer. The care provided at APEX had me walking pain-free WEEKS ahead of schedule and well on my way to summer without crutches, an Aircast or pain. Thanks to the whole team at Apex! I can not say enough good things about this place."

    Steve Roblin

  • "Kelly invests herself into her clients and it is her passion and commitment to her clients and their fitness that makes her a trainer of the highest quality. As a woman, it is always extremely powerful and inspiring to be trained by a woman who understands the female form and can help any woman find her inner athlete and svelte self. Thank you Kelly for your dedication and patience, your inspiration has kept me motivated and you have taken my workouts to the next level."

    Shari Guest

  • "I was struggling with chronic shoulder pain for over three years before I came to Apex. I had tried many different treatments over the years. But in the end, their expertise,  focus, patience, ideas for treatment and genuine care for my recovery allowed me to return Crossfit classes on a regular basis without the chronic pain. I would also note - the Shockwave portion of my treatment made a world of difference! Thank you Apex"

    Jeremy Racicot

  • "I approached apex upon receiving a referral to them from a friend who said they had worked wonders for him. At the time of my consult with them I was unable to pick up a coffee cup or golf club. After some questions & range of motion and strength tests I was prescribed 3 treatments of Shockwave therapy. Suffice to say it worked! I am now back at the gym with full range of motion & strength & able to swing a club. Thank you Apex."

    Oran Johnson

  • My visit to Apex was fantastic. I went in with some shoulder pain that was keeping me from golfing. The therapist there was extremely helpful. She listened attentively to my issues, then put me through a few movements to assess the problem.

    I was back golfing much faster than I thought I would be able to. I can't thank the great people at Apex enough for getting me back out onto the links, and most importantly, pain-free!

    Steve McInnes

  • The people at Apex are wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Their passion for their work is obvious. Even the people I saw coming out of the yoga class were all smiles.

    I went in for some work on my injured ankle. They fit me with a terrific brace, and even took the extra time to make sure I was putting it on properly. It gives me great support on the basketball court, and gives me the confidence to make the necessary quick changes of direction out there.

    Mike Currie